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We are delighted to announce that we will be opening the school tennis courts from 1st April 2023 until 31st August 2023.

This is a real step forward in helping to make sure that our school is firmly placed at the heart of our community.

If you would like to be able to sign up to play Tennis over the summer months, please read the terms & conditions and payment details in the Welshpool High School Tennis Court AgreementUse will only be considered on a completion of this form which can be submitted via email to tennis@welshpool-hs.powys.sch.uk or handed in to the school office.

We are really excited to be able to launch what we hope will be a successful initiative that benefits many of the families in Welshpool and look forward to tennis flourishing in our community.

Options Booklet 2023-2025:

To view the pdf please click here


Additional Learning Needs

The approach to supporting children who have difficulties with learning is changing.  The Welsh Government has passed new legislation called the Additional Learning Needs (Wales) Act and Additional Learning Needs (ALN) Code which will replace all of the legislation and guidance about Special Educational Needs.

The purpose of this presentation is to explain changes to the Additional Learning Needs system in Wales, and to provide links to additional information and guidance.

Alternatively, you can view the presentation PDF format and access the video link by clicking here.

Parents & Carers Advisory Group 

Please see the letter regarding this from November 2022 – Click here

High School Catering Price List

Catering Price List – Click here

Pupil Development Grant Statement:

PDG Statement from Welshpool High School – Click here

School Development Plan Priorities 2022-2023:

SDP Priorities for Welshpool High School 2022-2023 – Click here

School Development Plan 2022- 2025 Cynllun Gwelliant Ysgol – Click here

School Prospectus 2023-24:

To view the pdf please Click here

Sixth Form Prospectus 2022-23:

To view the pdf please Click here

New Curriculum for Wales:

Creating our Vision for Curriculum for Wales – Click here to find out more

Governor’s Report to Parents 2020-2021:

Governor’s Report to Parents 2020 – 2021 Click here

Accessibility Statement:

Accessibility Statement for Welshpool High School – Click here


Your Information – Why the Welsh Government needs it and what we do with it

Eich gwybodaeth chiPam fod ei hangen hi ar Lywodraeth Cymru a beth y byddwn ni’n ei wneud â hi


WHS Inspection Report – Date of inspection: February 2017


ALN (Additional Learning Needs) & Inclusion Policy (March 2022)
Anti Bullying Policy (March 2022)
Attendance Policy (February 2021)
Behaviour, Discipline & Exclusion Policy (including ANTI-BULLYING) (March 2022)
Careers Policy (March 2022)
Charging, Remission & Lettings Policy (June 2021)
Collective Workship Policy (June 2021)
Complaints Policy (June 2022)
Curriculum Policy (June 2021)
Data Protection Policy (March 2022)
Debt Recover Policy (February 2021)
Disagreement Resolution (Powys County Council)
ESafety Policy (June 2021)
Equal Opportunities Policy (February 2021)
Equality Plan (January 2019)
ESDGC (Sustainable Development) Policy (February 2021)
Food and Fitness Policy (February 2021)
Freedom of Information Policy (February 2022)
Health and Safety Policy (March 2022)                                     
Inclement Weather Policy (June 2021)
Lockdown Policy (May 2021)
MAT Policy (January 2022)
Privacy Notice – Powys (Sept 2016)
Privacy Notice (General Data Protection Regulations) (Updated September 2020)
Hysbysiad Preifatrwydd (Rheoliadau Cyffredinol ar Ddiogelu Data) (Diweddarwyd Medi 2020)
Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy (March 2022)
Sex Education Policy (March 2022)
Statement from Powys County Council regarding Penalty Notices
Substance Misuse Policy (May 2021)
Traffic Management Policy (June 2021)
Transition Plan (June 2021)
Uniform Policy (June 2019)
Unacceptable Actions by Complainants & Visitor Conduct Policy (June 2021)
Vexatious Complaints Policy (June 2021)
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