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Welshpool High School Transition

An Introduction from our Head Girl

“Hello, my name is Maddie and I’m head girl here at Welshpool High School. I’ve been here for just over 6 years now, so I’d like to think I’m a bit of an expert now about why this school is so great. I went to Trewern Primary School which is quite small so I knew it would be a big change for me to move up to high school. I can remember trying on my new school uniform and complaining about how huge it was on me, my mum always said that I would grow into it and eventually I did. The same could be said for my time at Welshpool. At first everything was so new and big, I managed to get lost a few times, struggled to keep track of my homework, and remember what books to bring in. But eventually I grew into it. I got used to high school, and I have loved it. During my first few weeks even though some things were difficult I found that there were always students or staff ready to help me. And believe me when I say it will be the same for you if you choose to come here.

It’s understandable to be nervous about taking this next step, believe me on my first day of year 7 I was severely lacking the extreme confidence of 4-year-old me on her first day, and during your first few weeks here it will be a big adjustment. But there is always someone around to help or offer some advice if you look for them. I can remember countless occasions throughout my time here where I’ve not understood the work and needed to ask my teacher about it – and when I have, they have always helped me. Whenever I have been having a difficult week there has always been someone I can go talk to, whether that was the Youth Intervention Team, my form tutor or in fact several teachers here who have special mental health training. Something that I have always found so special about Welshpool is the unwavering support we receive from staff and our fellow students.

Another thing that I love about this school is the encouragement we receive to pursue the things we love. There so many clubs available to us such as choir, netball, or even dungeons and dragons and if none of these interest us the school support us in creating our own clubs. I remember when I was year 7, I used to go to a debate club which was set up by a year 9. Even Alan has created a chess club to share his love and knowledge of the game. The school not only provides opportunities for us but also supports us in creating our own.

Overall, I have loved my time at Welshpool. I have made so many friends, learned so much and I have made memories to last a lifetime. If you choose to come to Welshpool, I can assure you that it will be a great decision.”

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