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Additional Learning Needs

We are justly proud of the support offered to students with additional learning needs across the ability range. Some of our students have exceptionally high academic ability; others have specific learning difficulties. Some of our students will hold a statement of educational needs. Whatever the ability, we aim to meet each student’s individual needs and to take into account the views of the student and parents.

For example, one student may need stimulating material to extend and enhance the curriculum while another student may need a specific support programme such as reading, handwriting skills, spelling skills, or dyslexia support.

Admission arrangements for students with special educational needs are the same as for all students. Students with a statement are placed by the Local Authority, who make every effort to comply with parent and student preference in accordance with the Local Authority’s admission procedure.

On entry to the school, most students undertake standardised tests in reading, spelling, and verbal and non-verbal reasoning and mathematical skills to inform future provision.

Our policy is to teach students in groups which best meet their educational needs.

Some students with specific learning difficulties might be taught in small groups or will visit the Department for Learning Support for some of their lessons. In-class support will be provided in accordance with the student’s statement of educational needs.

Selected students will be invited to take part in a reading or spelling intervention using short, intensive courses. Our suite of computers enables students to practise their keyboard skills and some students may benefit from using programmes to enhance performance in memory skills, touch typing, reading and mathematics.

Some students will take part in lessons designed to enhance emotional literacy and may also be invited to attend support groups.

Mrs Baines (Additional Learning Needs Co-ordinator) is also responsible for monitoring and reviewing the needs of Looked After Children, Gypsy Traveller pupils and students with English as an Additional Language. Students at KS4/5 with additional learning needs will also be provided with additional support for external examinations.

Welshpool High School is committed to ensuring that pupils with ASD, or autism, are supported and understood for their skills and areas of difficulty. We are aiming to achieve Autism Aware Certification this year.

The learning with autism programmes are a series of programmes aimed at raising awareness of autism across mainstream educational settings. As part of this award, staff and students will be sharing one PSE lesson at the start of this school year, exploring what school can be like, for a pupil with ASD, from the vlog of a young person called Sgilte.

Funded by the Welsh Government and developed by the Welsh Local Government Association, the Learning with Autism – Secondary School Programme can be accessed at:

Awtistiaeth Cymru | Autism Wales | National Autism Team

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