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Raising Achievement By Raising Expectations | Codi Cyrhaeddiad Trwy Godi Disgwyliadau

New Curriculum For Wales

Creating our Vision for Curriculum for Wales

We want to engage all stakeholders in developing a vision for Curriculum for Wales that reflects the ethos of Welshpool High School ‘Raising Achievement By Raising Expectations’.

The starting point of creating our vision was to include our key stakeholders, the pupils. Several workshops took place with year 7 tutor groups to explain the changes that were taking place with regards to the new curriculum.

The pupils came up with their own vision of the qualities, skills and knowledge they felt they should have by the time they left school. Taking all responses into account, this naturally allowed us to create a whole school vision which centred around the four purposes of Curriculum for Wales.

We listened to the pupils and responded to their suggestions:

A parental survey was used to share the feedback from the workshops.

We asked parents for their comments to contribute to our vision:

Each Area of Learning and Experience (AoLE) has created their own vision considering what they felt was important for the learners at Welshpool High School. Each vision will inform curriculum planning to create a set of values which will drive forward a learning culture with the four purposes at its core.

Expressive Arts







The vision has been shared with our feeder primary schools as part of the collaboration process to ensure that children who feed into Welshpool High School are offered an education that focuses on individual success.

The vision has been agreed by the Governing Body of Welshpool High School and we very much look forward to implementing our new curriculum, commencing September 2023.

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