The main focus for the Student Council last year was school uniform. It was agreed that there should be an audit carried out on what all pupils thought about the existing school uniform.

In groups all council members decided upon appropriate questions which should be included in the questionnaire. Questionnaires were then printed and given to each council representative to take back to their forms to complete. The results were then counted and graphs were created clearly illustrating the data. The results have been used to decide on our new school uniform.

Young People’s Participation Standards for Wales

We were the first school in Wales to be awarded the Participation Kite-mark that focuses on the ‘Young People’s Participation Standards’. It represents the hard work and commitment that the Student Council have shown over several years.

To be the first secondary school in Wales to achieve this award is highly significant and rewarding for everyone involved. The pupils should feel extremely proud as they have demonstrated that by achieving the ‘Kite-mark’ they have been involved in decision making, impacted positively on school life and made a difference for pupils and teachers.

Student Council Targets

Why Do We Have A Student Council?

Student Council Activities

The school council members meet throughout the year alongside the whole school council which meet every half term also members of the school council are often members of sub-committeeswhich meet even more frequently. Students can really get involved throughout term time.

The school council often suggests and/or helps co-ordinate fund raising events such as Sport Relief and Children In Need. Another major role of the school council is reviewing school policies such as the Bullying Policy which was reviewed in Summer 2010.

The Sub-Committees

Sub-Committees are groups and organizations that form representitives play an active part in. These include:

Above groups meet on average every half term.