Pupils are assessed whilst still at primary school, in year 6. This allows us to set pupils immediately at the start of year 7 so that they are working with children of a similar ability from the start. Throughout Key Stage 3 pupils engage in problem solving activities and are encouraged to assess their work.

At Key Stage 4 pupils will study for 2 GCSE’s, in Maths and Maths Numeracy. The Maths Numeracy GCSE concentrates on application of Maths in real life contexts, such as financial management and planning a journey. In order to prepare for this extra GCSE pupils will receive an extra weekly Maths lesson in year 10and 11. Pupils in set 1 will take their Maths GCSE’s early, in November of year 11. They then study Additional Maths for the remainder of year 11. This helps bridge the gap between GCSE and A level Maths.

In order to maximise potential, a number of intervention strategies are in place, whereby pupils are identified to receive extra help in order to boost their mathematical development. This takes place in both Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4

More able and talented pupils are given the opportunity to develop further by participating in the UK Maths Challenge. In addition year 12 A level pupils are paired up with year 7’s who we identify to receive an extra Maths session once a week during registration time. This is called Number Workout.