The department actively encourages pupils to form their own opinions through discussion, research and constructive feedback. We aim to help pupils to develop a variety of skills including evaluation, analysing and application of ideas and we regularly liaise with other departments to ensure literacy standards are met.

The Modern Foreign Languages Department aims to offer an exciting and challenging course that will develop confidence and fluency in languages as well as preparing pupils for living and working in Europe. We offer French for all students at Key Stage 3, forming a sound basis for Key Stage 4 and beyond. Students in Set 1 French in Year 9 are also offered the opportunity to study Spanish, which is also offered as an option in Key Stage 4. The aim of the course in Modern Foreign languages is to develop the linguistic skills of comprehension and expression, both written and spoken thereby encouraging the pupils’ use of a foreign language. In addition, we extend the pupils knowledge further about the country, its way of life and its customs as well as considering its importance in the world of work.

The Modern Foreign Languages Department believes strongly in languages for all. We have created a safe environment where students feel comfortable about taking risks and are happy to experience different languages.  We aim to meet the needs of all pupils, irrespective of their learning styles, as well as help them develop and use transferable skills, such as literacy skills

GCSE French students at Welshpool High School are writing letters to a school in Senegal. In return for finding out information about the Senegalese way of life, they are writing about their lives as teenagers in Mid-Wales. They are in the process of finding out many interesting things about Senegal.

Year 11's Annual Tapas Party to celebrate the end of their GCSE Spanish Course. This year we also tried home made sweet Polish dessert dumplings, generously provided by the parents of one of our pupils.  

Year 10 and 11 Spanish students enthusiastically writing their Christmas cards to their new Malagan penfriends. They eagerly awaited their replies in the New Year whilst experiencing Las Doce Uvas de la Suerte with our student teacher, Senorita Gomez (the Spanish tradition of having to eat 12 grapes at midnight on New Years Eve, one for each chime, to ensure good luck for the forthcoming year).