History at Welshpool High School covers a wide range of topics and periods. At Key Stage 3 we look at British History from the Norman Conquest to the Cold War to ensure that pupils have a sound general knowledge of British History during the compulsory phase of the subject. At Key Stage 4 we look at German, American and Russian History as well as British as part of the WJEC GCSE Course. At A Level we focus on The Civil Wars and European early modern History. However, changes in all aspects of the above are in the offing as part of the Welsh Governments Curriculum and Qualifications policies.

History pupils and students learn a variety of skills. There is much focus on critical thinking on interpretations of History and source examination. This not only feeds into success at examination level but also contributes to their development as well rounded citizens. The ethos is very much one of love of subject. It is important to us that the children enjoy their History. By so doing they become enthusiastic learners. It is important to us that we focus on those aspects of History that are not just significant to the children as British and global citizens but also those they can get interested and enthusiastic about. A love of History can develop into a love of learning.