The Drama Department at Welshpool High School  

Year 12 & 13 ‘A’ Level Gallery visit to Liverpool – Tate Modern, Walker Gallery and the Empire Theatre Liverpool CLICK HERE for a copy of the letter.

The Drama department reflects the mission statement, ‘Raising achievement by raising expectations’ of the school in all aspects of teaching and learning across the curriculum.

Drama as a subject has educational, cultural and social aspects. It deals with the development of the individual relying on the imagination to explore experiences as if they were real.

Drama challenges opinions and prejudice and helps students solve problems intellectually, physically and emotionally.

Drama often involves starting with the individual’s direct experience and extends this knowledge in an imaginative and creative way.

Drama demands commitment and self-discipline from the students.

Drama provides the opportunity for leaning for all students, regardless of ability and expertise.

PHSE is taught through the medium of Drama at Welshpool; role play, scenario cards and dramatic techniques are used to develop empathy, respect and tolerance.


Drama at Welshpool High School aims to:

  • provide an opportunity for learning through a variety of different experiences and the exploration of emotions
  • help students gain confidence in their own ability, particularly to communicate verbally and non-verbally
  • develop aesthetic awareness, imagination and sensitivity
  • help students to learn to respect and work with others
  • encourage students to listen and respond
  • help students gain a sense of achievement from their work
  • help students appreciate the values and attitudes of their society – challenging prejudice and changing understanding
  • let students understand the value of means of dramatic expression and to be able to select specific material to achieve the very best results
  • help students appreciate performance work as both audience and performer
  • help students evaluate and assess their own achievements.

The way these aims will be met demands a good working relationship between the students and their classmates and between students and their teacher and a structure within which effective teaching and learning can take place.