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Art News - Powysland museum and Archaeological CAPT society came in to share Bronze Age through to post - medieval jewellery found in Powys and locally excavated. We talked about where they came from, the materials used, the history and stories they told. Students held the works and created artwork from them. We will be involved project which is funded through Heritage grants trust and the final exhibition of works in Powysland Museum from July to September, this will tour throughout Wales.

Students involved:
Neve Spencer Moller
Jenna Foulkes
Lizzie Andrews
Sophie Gilliard
Emma Wright

The Art Department's More Able and Talented workshop through ERW Lead practitioner role and collaboration with the Oriel Davies Gallery. The artwork is exhibited in the Art 6th Form Study Area.

Very dedicated art students - Nanaka and Amelia photographed with their names in color, texture and pattern.

Advent Jars - Year 7 Art students have been making Advent Jars. The jars contain characters from the nativity story to colour in over advent, baubles to colour in and hang on the tree and some festive jokes to share. During Advent, each day the pupils will have to fish in the jar and unfold one of their images.

‘every artist is an amateur’ Pablo Picasso

The art department’s ethos is to create an environment that is similar to, a working artist’s studio where students can grow and creativity is nurtured. The structure of the curriculum allows students to gain confidence and skills. Students are free to experiment and take risks. The department have high expectations and provide an environment that is fully supportive of each child’s needs and encourages individuality. Assessment for learning techniques and strategies are implemented as an integral part of their lessons. Consistent approaches and vibrant resources encourage and allow for continuity throughout the department. Throughout years 7 to 9 students are taught the basics of art and structural technique. Once students have gained the skills and understanding, in year 10 to 11 they use these skills to investigate other artworks and create a portfolio of work. At advanced level students flourish and celebrate the world we live in and appreciation of art, craft and design. Demonstrating, highly accomplished independent portfolios. The cycle of art we celebrate is

‘Investigating, understanding, making’

We provide extracurricular opportunities through ‘art club’ for all key stages, a more able and talented programme run through the (Oriel Davies Gallery and the National Lottery and Arts Council Wales ) Learning is extended outside the classroom though visiting artists, workshops and art gallery trips. We have strong links with practising artists within the community.

We celebrate success with exhibitions throughout the School and in our online gallery, please take a look!

Key Stage 3

Year 7 All pupils participate in 2 lessons a week in their form groups.

Year 8 All pupils participate in 2 lessons a week in ‘creative arts’ banded groups.

Year 9 All pupils participate in 1 lesson a week in ‘creative arts’ banded groups.

Key Stage 4

Year 10 Pupils opt to take Art GCSE in one option group in two option groups.

Year 11 3 lessons per week.

Year 10 3 lessons per week

Key Stage 5

Year 12 AS Art and Design 4-5 lessons a week, plus 3 practical study periods.

Year 13 ‘A’ level Art and Design 5 lessons per week, plus 4 practical study periods.